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Watch Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 32 with English Subtitles

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Ever heard of Muslim pirates? The Barbaros brothers (Barbaroslar) were known to be notorious Muslim sailor warriors who sought Turkish dominance in the Mediterranean, Europe and North African coastal sea areas on behalf of the Ottomans.

The main two brothers were known as Oruç Reis and his legendary younger admiral brother Barbaros Hayreddin Hizir Reis who not only made his reputation across Europe as the most feared Muslim pirate but one of the greatest naval commanders and Islamic heroes in history with his marvellous sea victories and navy battles. He defeated the combined European forces in the battle of Preveza and paved the way for Ottoman domination in the Mediterranean.

The show is centred around the life of the 4 Barbaros brothers, Oruç, Hizir, Ilyas and Ishaak as they embark on an epic sea adventure fighting their enemies, conquering lands, establishing their just rule and spreading the flag of Islam across the seas.

Watch Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 with English Subtitles
Watch Barbaros Season 1 Episode 31
with English Subtitles
Engin Altan Duzyatan
Watch Kurulus Osman with English Subtitles

Just a reminder, this website does not host any videos. We found the episode on Facebook for you to enjoy.


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