Mehmet Bozdag, the resurrection Ertuğrul, who recently made a decline, said that “Ertuğruls resurrection “On statements,” There is no information about the final final in the series. I have not yet made a complete decision. But slowly, Ertuğrul’s resurrection will move to Osman. One of my biggest dreams is to resurrect Osman. Osmangazi after Ertuğrul. I work, and l The journey continues right now. We will do geographic trips in the summer, we will travel these areas completely. If there is a will, a bigger project than Ertuğrul will be born, “Resurrection Osman”.

Mehmet Bozdag officially announced that the series will be broadcast on June 6, the season’s final. I do not know if the finals in the series can be in Bilecik, but maybe we can look at Resurrection Osman or Ertuğrul’s final with the players here

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